Friday, February 12, 2010

Aussie Bobsled Team

Okay, I admit, this isn't really a picture of the Aussie Bobsled Team. It's just my family and I checking out the free things to do in downtown Vancouver the Sunday before the Olympics. My daughter is taking the picture. She's our family photographer and the one who has taken all the pictures on this blog so far.

We didn't find a lot to do and see that day as none of the Houses were open yet. It all starts today but we'll probably be too busy to check it out. As I said in the previous blog, we're on a working holiday helping out my sister at her catering company. We're all working for the Operations Division, organizing everything that comes and goes from the main kitchen and warehouse.
My husband gets to drive one of the delivery vans. He thought he'd enjoy driving around the big, busy, unfamiliar city as much as peeling onions but has been pleasantly surprised. He says the traffic is better than in our small country Aussie town of Murwillumbah! Looking down from our penthouse apartment, it's obvious Vancouverites are doing as their told and trying not to drive. At 8:30 this morning I only counted 20 cars at a time crossing the Granville Bridge! Amazing.
This is my kid's first job and they are loving the experience. My son just got back from his first midnight shift. He spent most of it with a driver, helping load and unload the van. My daughter and I got to work in a few hours. We'll be gathering all the bits and pieces together for the drivers to take to the different jobs. As it is the first day of the Olympics, I'm sure it will be chaotic, but will calm down once we all get used to the routine.
After two months of travelling without any income, the most exciting day of the Winter Olympics for us will be payday!
Time to go to work!

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