Saturday, February 6, 2010

From the bush to the city

Talk about from one extreme to another...yesterday we were living in our little house in the Yukon woods with plywood floors, pink insulation walls, second hand furniture and an outhouse and this morning we woke up in a Vancouver condo in Kitsilano with ocean views, TWO bathrooms (with heated floors!) and furnishings we are scared to touch for fear we'll break them. Makes me laugh that even my two teenage kids were much more comfortable in our bush home than this city elegance.

My Aussie friend's are going to be amazed to here that we had our goodbye party outside in 20 below zero. Fair dinkim! We lit up a big burn pile of all the off cuts from our firewood trees and stood around it drinking beer as comfortable as could be. We partied until midnight and nobody came inside once. Everyone just slowly rotated to keep all parts of their body warm and tried not to stand between anyone else and the fire as it would cut off their heat source.

It was sad to say goodbye to our new little house. We wrapped it all up in Tyvek - windows, door and all, like a big birthday present, locked the sheds and drove away. We had a great flight to Vancouver where our new adventure begins. We are here for a month to work for my oldest sister's catering company. She has to feed the Russians and do all the catering for the BC Government during the Winter Olympics. It will be Erik and Chelsea's first job and once-in-a-lifetime experience worthy of them missing the first 6 weeks of their new school year.

Time to go have a luxurious shower! During our month in the Yukon we had to go to a neighbours or the town pool to have one. Either that or have a bird bath and wash our hair over wash basins on our woodstove. I'm going to enjoy this one!


  1. Hi Bella, good to hear from you already. I giggle about the luxery. We lived without a shower for over 10 years, it was good, but now i do looooove my shower. Enjoy!
    I look forward to hear about your olympic adventures.

  2. Did you take that gorgeous photo??? Wow!!!

    I found you from Jozien's blog, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you...
    it's nice to meet you! :)

  3. Hi Sue,
    My daughter took the photo - she loves photography and is very good at it. Nice to meet you too!