Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Harry the Hug Monster is born!

I'm pleased to announce the birth of Harry the Hug Monster. My first book!

I don't actually have it in my hands yet, but I found it on the internet and my copies are in the mail. It is part of the Giggler's Blue 2 series which are 8 school readers for 7 year olds. You can find it on Blake Education's website but only apparently only schools can order them through there. I'm buying a bunch, so if you want an autographed copy let me know. It is selling for $10 plus postage and handling.

I am living proof that dreams come true if you don't give up. I wrote Harry 9 years ago at a cub scout camp I was volunteering at. Blake Education was the 16th publisher I had sent it to.

This is just the beginning. To make a living writing kids books you have to write heaps of them. Many people are surprised to hear that most writers only get paid 7% of the net price of any books sold. Luckily, Blake Publishing is a reputable company with a huge clientelle (schools).

I am now trying to get an agent and or a publisher for an exciting historical fiction series I have written for 8 to 12 year olds called Jinx Jinx Down Under. I have 3 written already and lots more planned. Wish me luck!

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