Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dream Come True Board

Jozien’s blog, "Steep Learning Curve", got me thinking. Are we too busy dreaming of what we want to appreciate what we have? “The Secret” tells us to make a ‘Wish Board’ to put pictures on to help make them come true but what about a ‘Dream Come True’ board? I have both. At the moment the only things on my ‘Wish Board’ are a picture of the log house Blue and I would love to have on our property in Mendenhall, a tiny LOTTO cheque that I added a bunch of zeros too and two tickets to win luxury apartments on the Gold Coast (to help achieve our dream of financial bliss). My ‘Dream Come True’ board has a picture of my family on a beach in Oz -representing our move here, a picture of our beautiful golden Labrador Prince who we found at the pound and my newly released book.

Ten years ago, when my kids were 5 and 6 years old, I was feeling overwhelmed by the whole motherhood thing. So I joined a writer’s group to try and find something special just for me. At my first meeting we were given an assignment – to write a song. The song that came out of me really put things in perspective and after that every time I started feeling sorry for myself I’d sing that song and feel much better. Here it is.

Housewife Blues

I’ve got the cutest little kids that you ever did see,
A hard working husband making money for me
My life’s just how I planned I couldn’t ask for more
Then why do I feel like walking out the door?

I’ve got the housewife blues, I feel like such a fool
This is my dream come true - my happy little crew
I’ve got the housewife blues

My friend’s make it sound easy when we talk on the phone,
“Gotta get out there girl and get a life of your own,
Must be nice,” they say “to get to stay home all day”
No one understands that I don’t want to play!

I’ve got the housewife blues, I feel like such a fool
This is my dream come true - my happy little crew
I’ve got the housewife blues

If this is my dream come true then why
Why do I have…the housewife blues?

My sister Carolyn put it to music for me and added the last 2 lines. She was childless at the time and I don’t think she really understood but I bet she does now! As she was living on the other side of the country I recorded her singing and playing it on the piano (she has an awesome voice) and showed up at my second writer’s group meeting with my daughter’s Fisher Price tape recorder and blew everyone away.

After that one miracle followed another. I found a free holiday care program for the kids that gave me a much needed break, I started writing kid’s books instead of just talking about it and we met a stewardess who gave us buddy passes to move to Australia for $150.00 each. Just goes to show how changing your perspective can change your world.

Give it a go!

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