Friday, October 22, 2010

Gold Coin Feng Shui

We're broke again, but that will change soon because I'm gluing another gold coin by the door.You'll laugh, because I think it's silly too, but the coincidence is amazing. On our flight back from Canada I read in a magazine that it is good Feng Shui to glue a gold coin in your doorway to make the money flow in. It didn't say which doorway so I glued a looney on the floor of the doorway in the back and an Aussie $1 coin in the front one. And the money started pouring in (thanks to the Mullet God). Of course it was flowing out just as quickly so I always wondered if I should have the coin in only one doorway. Then Blue hurt his leg and the money stopped. A week or so later I noticed the front door coin was gone. It took me another week or so to make the link and glue another coin there. Days later, Blue got the farming job and I gave the coins all the credit. Yesterday, I noticed the front door coin was gone again! Blue hasn't worked for the last 2 weeks because it's been raining heaps and the cane fields got flooded. All the planting work they have done up until now has been ruined and they have to wait for at least 2 days of sunshine before the fields will be dry enough to plant. Yesterday I couldn't find a $1 coin and I was too cheap to use a $2 one, so I just laid the $2 one there and am gluing a $1 there today. Luckily, for my coin theory, we're on our second day of sunshine today. But the forecast is for a rainy summer so maybe the coins will help keep the rain away. I crazy glued the last two coins on so will try a hot glue gun today (it's heating up right now). I used crazy glue on the back door one too and it's never moved but that could be because it's Canadian and not spendable here. The front door one would get walked on more. It tricks lots of people too, who bend down to pick it up. I'll have to start being more observant of them too, so I notice right away when they disappear... There, I glued it on. Open the dams. Let the money flow.


  1. I read on the internet that a guy glued a gold coin on his front door step and within a few days he won over a million dollars in the lottery! He believed he won because of the gold coin. I'm going to buy my gold coin today and try this method! I hope it works!!

  2. Yes that can happen, but you can also paint your outside door red for good luck, and tri-nail in place 7 gold coins to that red facing door for the same Super good Luck and get the same results from what I have learned from the Fung Shue Chinese expert Munks.